Sneha Khedkar

Freelance Science Journalist

Hi! I'm Sneha.

I'm a biologist-turned freelance science journalist from India.  My passion lies in talking about science where it intersects with the society.  More about me.

My articles have appeared in Scientific American, Knowable Magazine, Undark, Live Science, and The Hindu among others. 

If you have a story tip, or want to commission work, please feel free to reach out.

Recent articles 

We know there is some connection between skin and gut health, but many assumed the gut was the one calling the shots. A new study suggests that the influence can go the other way 

A new antibody drug for Parkinson's disease appears to slow the progression of its movement-related symptoms, at least in some patients. 

Certain microbes in the gut microbiome may guard against heart disease by lowering people's cholesterol

A complete list of my published articles is here.